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Pine Cones

Pine Cones

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Sometimes, I  follow a philosophy of “Don’t think, just shoot.” This type of photography is typical of an artistic type of photography known as Lomography.

Taken through a specific type of Russian camera, Lomography is a film photograph. Sometimes  blurs, light leaks, and other imperfections caused by the camera occur that represent this style. Other significant indicators of this style are the use of high contrast cross processing. Cross processing is the technique of using the wrong chemical solution to process a film than what the film normally requires. An artistic picture magically appears full of saturated colors and unnatural representations of color.

Pine Cones is an example of digital Lomography. I shoot and process my work in digital RAW.   So, when I add the techniques of cross processing and vignettes to the work, I’m doing so from a computer and not a dark room. Just like a darkroom specialist applying the wrong solution on purpose, I’m applying the wrong digital filters, and in the final result I didn't really know what result would occur. 


Prints: All of our prints are produced on premium papers that are acid-free. With proper care, your print will last for generations.

Metal: The image gets printed directly onto a sheet of 1/16" thick aluminum. This aluminum sheet has a 3/4" thick mounted wooden frame attached to the back with a hanging wire. Metal prints are high gloss, extremely durable and lightweight. By their very nature they won’t bend or wrinkle and they are water resistant. This is an excellent choice for people who live in climates with high humidity.

Acrylic: The acrylic image is attached to a 1/4" thick black board with a wooden frame and mounted hanging wire on the back. The board and mounting frame will naturally hang separated from the wall by about 11/2". By their very nature these prints will not bend or wrinkle and are water resistant. This is also an excellent choice for people who live in climates with high humidity. This is an amazing way to showcase fine art.


*** Watermark is not present on final product.

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